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My trip to Puerto Rico was fantastic! It was a nice balance of relaxation and exploration. Jenna planned a couple of excursions for us, my favorite was driving a 13’ mini boat through the ocean where the Atlantic and Carribean meet. We also went snorkeling and visited a deserted island. Jenna was also very accommodating to our preferences in homes. The places that we stayed were absolutely breathtaking.
— Karah Lockwood
Jenna has planned all of my vacations for the last seven years. She knows I like adventure so she schedules as many excursions for me as my vacation time will a lot. To date I’ve been scuba diving on the second largest coral reef, snorkeling numerous places, visited Mayan ruins, explored a cave the Mayans thought was an entrance to the underworld, zip lining over waterfalls, watched baby sea turtles hatch and make their way to the ocean, and volcano boarding. I’m always surprised by the level of thought and detail that go into planning trips, that’s why I let Bee Travel Agency plan it all.
— Ben L




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